Always On: Time


Art Portal Gallery for Contemporary Art hosts a workshop on durational performance
with visiting curator and artist Rhine Bernardino.
Always On: Time,

interval, duration and repetition as meditative process,
a state of mind which looks at everything with full attention,
a crucial element in developing a heightened awareness that cultivates the ability to actually see things as they are.

Rhine Bernardino


Rhine is an artist-curator and researcher with a background in filmmaking. She is the first and currently the only Filipino artist with an MA Fine Art degree (Sculpture) from the Royal College of Art, for which she was awarded the highly-regarded Abraaj-RCA Innovation Scholarship. She received a Distinction for her MA dissertation on exploring possibilities of contemporary art practice in the rural context and marginalised communities vis-a-vis urban practices. She's been furthering this research with specific focus and field research in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific.


 Rhine's exhibited her artwork internationally, lived in several countries, and worked with different types of communities. For her individual art practice, She actively experiments with her body in order to draw out and possibly stimulate a higher understanding of it, as a physical and biological structure – a more internal/inward approach to address sociological, societal, political and cultural issues and concerns related to the body as both a physical entity and a blueprint that carries numerous symbolisms, histories and associations.In line with this research are extensive collaborations with artists and groups of people from differing fields such as musicians, curators, inventors, designers and a wide range of researchers.


 These are pivotal because her work looks to challenge social conventions and provoke discussions around our views and understanding of ourselves, others and our environment, how they are interrelated and inextricably linked, as everything is: from the Self to the Other, and society at large. The collaborative approach to Rhine’s craft is based on her belief that art is a catalyst for social change, as it is an essential element in community engagement and communal interaction. Believing that this potential can only be maximised if they become more accessible to people, she further extends her practice through _inventory, a collaboration-based platform she founded and is co-directing.