Gil Maningo

GIL MANINGO's "Caricatura"
Gil G. Maningo - Visual Artist, Caricaturist, Illustrator, Thespian, Musician & Photographer. Born in Cebu City . Studied Fine Arts at University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City in 1977 and was under the tutorial of Martino Abellana in University of the Philippines Cebu when he came back from Manila in 1981.
Opened his own gallery & frame shop called " A-TUTZ-OF-ART " located at Baseline Juana Osmena st. Cebu City in the mid - 80's. Left for the U.S. during the height of Ninoy Aquino's assassination.
During his stay in America, he worked as graphic artist in Chicago Sun Times Magazine. Has also worked as part time caricaturist in New York, Greenwich village together with some group of caricaturist. While in the States, he had the chance to travel as far as North Dakota and South Dakota and had the chance to observe and study American - Indian Art. Thus, he was influenced by some of their style. When he came back from the States in 1989, he created his company, Kulas Ideas & Creations Inc. Thus introducing the Kulas shirts. Exclusively for Cebuanos. His ultimate goal was to design all 100% original concept to mark as Cebu's pride. With the unquestionable quality of the shirt, the company still exists up to now and has expanded into various creations such as beachwear, corporate giveaway and more. And the rest is history.

He is the first artist to have a solo exhibit in Badian Beach Resort through the invitation of Mr. & Mrs. Scholz. He has created his name in the field of caricature, cartooning, illustration with numerous styles. He has also won awards in the field of photography and music and was one of the first recording artist under Octo Arts Records. His composition was also one of the finalist in the 1990's Cebu Pop Music Festival.

At present, he has committed himself back in action in the art scene to humbly cultivate further in visual arts.


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